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Veil of Sacrifice


King Nyephere Gama II and Priest Nsembe have organized a traditional sacrificial oracle which involves human killing to appease the Creator and other ancestral spirits at the sacred shrine of the kingdom. Such a heinous and very secretive sacrifice was a central part of people’s culture, religion and spirituality. A person was honored and appreciated when he gave up blood and life in devotion, dedication and appeasement to the gods and the living-dead who had sacrificed themselves to create the world of peace and prosperity.

Although this custom is very controversial, repulsive and repugnant to the traditions, the King and priest secretly conspired to take Prince Nyabongo and Princess Sibongire to the shrine of Nyephere. After the unpleasant oracle they organized a disruptive ’sacrifice’ under the veil of preserving the traditional heritage when something unexpected happens. The prince and princess manage to escape under mysterious circumstances.

The fleeing young royalties meet the Prophet of Namalenga who advices them to return home, the Kingdom of Nyephere. Reluctantly they return and experience a hostile welcome from the King and the people. The drama unfolds when the truth about the sacrificial oracle and human sacrifice are unveiled for the common good. In the end it is clear that Namalenga, God, is for life!

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