Yours in Dying Arms


Love between two individuals is a paradox because it can make us feel happier, more contented and more connected to the another person and the universe than anything else, but can be, literally in the next breath, the catalyst that pushes us into a hole of depth, confusion, despair, pain and even death that’s almost indescribable. Amidst many challenges surrounding the value and category of love, two people in love can break the traditional barriers and societal misunderstandings so that their souls can be in permanent unison.

Whether in Africa or global context, the nature, language and ethos of love remains the same. Where there is true love there is no fear nor retreat; there is no sickness nor boredom. When two lovers are together dark-night and rainstorm means nothing; tribalism or negativity can’t prevent their feet to follow each other; Parents and in-laws have no power to prevent them from seeing each other. The two in love have both the intellectual, physical and spiritual energy to cross over the differences and barriers of culture, religion, education and social status so that they can be together today, tomorrow and forever.   The vocabulary and language of love is difficult to understand, and only those emersed in love can comprehend it. Thus, where there is love, there is a way.

The two in love can cross any dangerous river and trek any long-deserted journey across the mountains and forests, across the hills and valleys so as to secure love. However love is a double edge sword. It can promote joy but it can kill also; it can lead to prosperity but it can also lead to sorrow. Love is a complexity of many things. The passionate emotions of love come from the risky venture of giving love and truly receiving it. Those who did not feel genuinely loved or valued when growing up think that to be loved in a relationship has bad consequences. But love should be given a chance to lead to a purposeful destiny. No wonder then that Mother Theresa of Calcutta said, “I have found the paradox in life, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurting, only more loving”.

In the Kingdom of Vyatutwa, the King cannot understand how his only beloved daughter, Princess Thembi can break the royal tradition and institutional protocol of getting married to a royalty so as to make the great ancestors of the land happy. Instead princess Thembi elops with a Prisoner and escapee called Dinga from Vyatutwa Prison. The love between Princess Thembi and Dinga is so strong like a frightening thunderstorm that li leads many people to suffer and have strong painful experiences. But, then, is the African proverb true which says that “Two chickens which are slaughtered in the same family, on the same day and at the same time when visitors come, will certainly be cooked in the same pot”.