Society needs Compassion


A school is an apex of , excellence, discipline, hardworking and compassion. The stake-holders of a school should be agents and models of experiencing compassion for quality education. Instilling discipline and compassion in schools is a calling, profession and witness. Professionalism is schools is human, but compassion is divine. Compassion is important not only when dealing with the students but also other teachers, other school staff, and parents. Teaching can be incredibly stressful, but stress is relieved when there is understanding and compassion in school, Thus, great teachers are compassionated and have a deep passion for their students. It is believed that nothing is more important and significant in schools than teaching values of unity, compassion, respect, charity and help those in need.

Feeling understood, assisted physically, spiritually, emotionally and socially is especially important for students who learn and think differently. It helps them stay motivated, increases self-awareness, and encourages them to advocate for themselves and study hard for better self-reliant future. Teaching with understanding and compassion should always come first in the teachers’ academic life and culture in school. Teaching compassion in the classroom is very important as it helps build a class community and healthy relationships amongst the students. Learners have to be taught the TRUTH about Educational values and life skills through compassion. Learners learn more by observing the teachers life. As they say “Teachers should be doers of what they say and not teachers without action”. When learning about compassion, learners learn about life as well as culture, societal values as well as being human from teachers and from fellow students.

Students are very creative and eager to learn more about values and life in class but also especially through the exemplarity of their teachers and colleagues. They are apt listeners and observers, taking in both subtle and more direct messages about how to view the world. They are most strongly influenced by the people they care about teachers, friends, and most of all, family. Be thoughtful about the messages you’re consciously ..

Compassion is defined as the feeling that arises when one perceives another’s suffering, deeper personal experience of reaching out to the one in need and feel motivated to relieve that suffering for the personal transformation and common good. Compassion is one of the important relational values of life. Compassion can arise from empathy – the more general ability to understand and feel others’ emotions and feelings, but it goes further by also including the desire to accommodate and help. Of course, we can feel compassion without acting on it, and not all helpful acts are motivated by compassion. Thus, compassion becomes compassion if it is accompanied by actions of hope, justice, peace, charity and kindness.

Practice what you preach. Believe what you teach and Teach what you live through humility and compassion. Teachers produce quality education if they do their work with the spirit of humility, hard-work, discipline and compassion. Teachers should model compassion and acts of compassion on a daily basis, by complimenting students on their successes, inquiring about their day or their weekend activities, and addressing all bullying behaviors consistently. But teachers should be merciful and charitable towards students. They students are like their biological children who need their holistic understand, care, mercy, mentorship, guidance and leadership in all spheres of life. can also be so emotionally invested in their students that it takes a physical, psychological and spiritual dimensions.

The teacher-student connection is invaluable for some students, who may otherwise not have that quality relationship and stability. Teachers will stay positive for their students even when things can seem grim. A great teacher always has compassion for their students, understanding of their students’ personal lives, and appreciation for their academic goals and achievements. Teachers are role models for children to be positive, always try harder, and reach for the stars.

Nzeru-ndi-chuma Plato Academy has a great reputation of offering quality holistic education in the whole country. For the last six consecutive academic years, this institution of learning has had several rewards of academic excellence from the Ministry of Education. Twice, His excellence the State President came to award the ’Golden Spear of Educational excellence’ to Nzeru-ndi-chuma Plato Academy. For many years, the academic situation has been of rose-flowers, until a History Teacher of the school, Kozamako Dzonzi portrays an unfortunate, inhuman and despicable behavior to a poor student, a girl called Namaseko. The girl experiences excruciating psychological torture and emotional trauma. However, the real informative drama unfolds when the spirit of understanding and justice is restored for the good of Namaseko and the Plato Academy.