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Who is Professor Clement Majawa?

Prof. Majawa is seasoned scholar and academician, a senior theological and educational researcher, patristic enthusiastic entrepreneur, societal discerned critic, polymath, prolific diversified Writer dedicated to making Triune God and Church Teaching, Morals and Spirituality meaningful and relevant to the lives of people in their context of habitant; Also to explore in depth the understanding, enhancing and living the “learning, thinking, creativity and functionality in education and economics, Interfaith, Cultural and Religious studies , as well as humanistic and scientific disciplines, at the individual, community and institutional levels in the light of African philosophy, spirituality and worldview (Africana Humana). His integrated socio-ecclesial theological research and engagement is not merely with the Church and Religion, but intrinsically with the mission and spirituality of Proto-eschatology, culture, governance, environment, development, democracy, education, economics and globalization in the light of histories of Revelation, Evangelization and Salvation.

His influence is continentally and globally immense. As an African Theologian, Educationist and Dramatist, his work on the Development of Doctrine, Inculturation, Curriculum and Catechetical Drama, facilitator of conferences to different stake-holders in Church and State, etc. shows that his integrated understanding of God and human contexts can grow over history, signs of times and culture, and this is in interconnection with future scholars and people of God.  In the light of Prof. Majawa’s belief, teaching, researches, writings and experiences, many within and outside the Church have found personal comprehension, devotion and life challenged and strengthened by the importance of the Biblical reality of Creation in Genesis 1 which he has socio-theologically explored and attached to the Interior Silent Voice of (a) Spiritual-soul (Heart), (b) Reason, (c) Conscience, (e) Common sense and (f) Common good. These proto foundational and relational religious pillars are called the FIVE Divine-human Revelatory, Missionary and Salvific Faculties.

 Prolific writer and discerner of Stage Plays: During the years he taught at Pius XII Minor Seminary, Kachebere Philosophical Major Seminary and Zomba Senior Theological Seminary, he wrote many Biblical, moral, cultural and societal educative cum entertaining plays. At Pius XII he was the Advisor to the Drama Club ‘Pius XII Seminary ‘Chipwiza’ Drama club. His three plays were acted and won the thirst, second and third awards: (a) Triumph of Mwigaga Women by H.H.I Secondary school, (a) Yours in Dying Arms by Lunzu Secondary School and (c) Call of Mongo by Pius XII Seminary. Later as a Lecturer, Formator and Mentor at Kachebere Major Seminary he founded the Tikuonetsani Kachebere Theatre (TIKATHE) He was the chaplain and first chair person was Bro. Vincent Videde Later he continued with this dramatic art at CHIEA in Kenya. He wrote dozens of plays, poems, short stories, poetry and drama.

During his theological, academic and pastoral endeavors he authored over twenty books, thirty book chapters, published over twenty educational and catechetical modules, pamphlets and booklets, delivered several Christian and religious talks to many priestly, religious congregations and lay groups; edited a number of books and peer referral journals. He instructed many catechumenates and converts to the Catholic faith. Many of those writing about him often focus on his theology, spirituality, priestly experience, education and rigorous prayer life. Others concentrate on his unparalleled catholic charismatic and kerygmatic efforts


This Theory and Practice entails ‘Paideian’ Theological cum Educational Method of Consciousness and Conscientiousness in Inculturation of Faith and Societal Transformation Parameters.

This Paradigmatic Structural ‘Paideian’ Method has a FIVE-FOLD Conceptual and functional Framework/ Stages.

(1) Cosmic-experience à (2) Gap-analysis à (3) Supernatural-Divine  Guidance à (4) Discerned Ethical-Judgment  à (5) Transformative re-alignment:

STAGE ONE: Empirical Cosmic Paedification: Identification of Goodness in every culture, religion and context (Bona Humana) – Everything created by God is good, to be valued, preserved and shared by all (Genesis 1:31)

STAGE TWO: Gap or Problem Identification through Philosophical Inquiry and Dialecticism: Intellectual skepticism cum Methodical doubt leading to reasoning with ‘Quaestiones Disputatae (Thesis/ Antithesis/ Synthesis) which identifies a gap/ problem/ challenge/ limitation/ controverse in need of Permanent value or Solution (Romans 12:2; Prov. 25:2; 2 Cor.6:14).

STAGE THREE: Transcendent Christification: Seeking Original Divine Wisdom to the identified gap in the light of Systematic exploration of Biblical Wisdom, Church Tradition, Ecumenical Councils, Theological Authorities, Ethos and Contexts based on Christ’s Teaching, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life (Jn. 14:6)

STAGE FOUR: Integration of Naturality and Supernaturality leading to Transformational values: Analogous exposition where the values of people are purified, elevated and integrated with Christian Mysteries (Nexus Mysteriorum) leading to the discovery of ‘generated’ new transcendent human nature/reality (1Cor.10:25; Psalm89:11)

STAGE FIVE: Hermeneutical Re-aligned Recommendation for Eudaimonia Transformation and Contextual Solution. Recommendations are appraised for re-alignment of the discovered divinized-human Truth and Values with a local inculturated context for deeper evangelization and quality life in the light of the high, higher and highest good (Matthew 5:48; 1 Peter 1:45).


 Inculturation is an on-going honest, free, communal, complex but enriching ecclesial process of incarnating the TRUTH of SALVATION into a CONTEXTUAL CHALLENGE through mutual dialogue and intrinsic descending and ascending ‘Christological’ relationship between the Gospel and Local cultures where the former inserts and roots the Divine salvific values into the later which is then challenged to self-examination (of the vacuum or gap-identification) leading to discarding its erroneous elements to avoid syncretism or dual-affiliation without losing its original worldview and identity; and the remaining positive cultural data (Seed of Truth and Revelation – NA no. 2; AG no.11; LG no.17) is elevated, purified, interpreted and re-expressed in the light of the Scriptural Wisdom, Sacred Tradition and Pneumatic Spirituality leading to DISCOVERY of Illumined Genuine-understanding, Relevant-contextual-solution, True-conversion, Kerygmatic Confession and Holistic-witnessing of the FAITH and MORALS for hermeneutical discipline, deeper evangelization, eudaimonia experience and integrated transformation for the high, higher and highest GOOD in the Histories of Revelation, Evangelization and Salvation. (Clement Majawa, Integrated Approach to African Christian Theology of Inculturation, Nairobi: Creation Enterprise, 2005, 66-70)


As a Dogmatic cum Spiritual Theologian, Patristic, Economic and Religious Educationist and Pastoral Counselor research interests include: Reading the signs of times and identify contextual-gaps and challenges; Exploration of philosophy and theology to respond to the needs of Church and Public interest; Contribution to variety of intersections between ecclesial consciousness and public life (human rights, justice, peace, leadership and development). 

Discerned identification of new paradigms of socio-theological research, interpretation and inculturation of Christian Teaching and Faith in Africa and beyond; Investigating relevant new trends of optimizing Patristic wisdom and higher education; Re-alignment of Pneumatology with Pentecostal and charismatic witnessing; Promoting intercultural, ecumenical and interreligious dialogue; Making theological wisdom and mission reclaim its original place of being at the center of creation, history, human activities and evangelization; Finding optimal ways of inculturation for relevance of Christianity across diverse population in Africa and global contexts; Contextualizing Christian Higher Education & Patristic Intellectual Methods; Exploring New Trends of Ecumenism, 

Promotion of Interfaith-Dialogue, Multiculturalism, Interculturalism and Trans-culturalism; Re-rooting, Re-routing and Re-aligning the African Traditional values for Human Integrity and Transformation; and Conversation with on-going Dynamics of Paideia in Development, Social justice and peace, Democratic governance, Integrated Development and addressing the emerging signs of the times and challenging issues in contemporary contexts. Advancing opportunities of African Christian Theology cum Social anthropology including questions pertaining to Ubuntu (Africana Humana) worldview, democratic dispensation and expressions of globalization for deeper evangelization and societal transformation.