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  1. Christology – BDT 203
  2. One God and the Holy Trinity – BDT 204
  3. Ecclesiology – BDT 205
  4. Sacraments of Initiation and Sacramental Economy – BSL 210
  5. Church History (Early/Medieval/Contemporary/African) CHT 300
  6. Christian Anthropology: Creation/Fall/Grace – DT 303.
  7. Patristic and Early Christian Teaching (PEC-DT 306)
  8. Theology of Church Encyclicals – BDTE 502
  9. Eschatology Today-LDT 104
  10. Challenges of Mariology Today- LDT 105
  11. Papacy: Ministry of Unity in the Church-LDT 203
  12. Inculturation of the Encyclical Fides et Ratio-LDT 207
  13. Theology of the Church Magisterium-LDT 208
  14. Pneumatology: The Holy Spirit Leads us-LC 211
  15. Ecclesia Function of a Theologian-LC 214
  16. Theology of Mission Ecclesiology-LDTE 201
  17. Witchcraft in Africa: Anthropological and Theological Analysis-LS 130
  18. Redemptoris Missio: Theological Models/Trends for Evangelization- LS 150
  19. Methodology and Research in Theology-DDT 103
  20. Ecumenism and Interfaith Dialogue (EID/T301)
  21. Justice, Peace and Sustainable Development in Africa (JPSD/T304)
  22. Cultural Anthropology and Contextual Theology (CACT/T306)
  23. Good Governance and Political Integrity in Africa (GGPA/T307)
  24. Philosophy, Theology and Praxis of Holistic Education (PTPE/T309)
  25. Challenges and Opportunities in Marriage and Family (COMF/T310)
  26. Philosophy and Theology of Migrants and Refugees (PTMR//001)
  27. Philosophy, History and Spirituality of Patristic Education (PHS/P.Edu/002)
  28. Philosophy, History and Spirituality of Patristic Economics (PHS/P.Eco/003)
  29. Philosophy, History and Spirituality of Patristic Law (PHS/P.Law/004)
  30. Philosophy, History and Spirituality of Patristic Politics (PHS/P.Pol/005)
  31. Philosophy and Theology of Ecology and Environment (PTEE/DT/015)
  32. Philosophy and Theology of Agriculture (PTA/DT/014)
  33. Philosophy and Theology of Higher Education (PTHE/DT/012)
  34. Philosophy and Theology of ICT and Social Media (PTICT/DT 010)
  35. Philosophy and Theology of Holistic Counselling (Marriage/Education/Hospital/Military/Police)
  36. Philosophy and Theology of Three Arms of Government (Executive/Legislature/Judiciary)
  37. Studies of Multiculturalism, Multi-religionism and Globalization (SMMG/DT/016)
  38. Theology of Development in the Context of Relativism, Secularism and Neo-Atheism. 
  39. Theology and Praxis of Ecumenism Toda-DDT 104.
  40. Diploma in Catholic Charismatic Renewal & Transformative Chaplaincy-Dipl/CCRM
  41. Diploma in Theology and Pastoral Studies – Dipl/TPS/009)(40) Bible in Pastoral and Shepherding Studies – BPSS/DT/111)